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Wrasse Fishing Mischief

After a busy couple of days and nights on the fish, Sunday presented itself as a stunner!

Gentle warm breeze, wall to wall sunshine, awesome, apart from the flat conditions on a dead tide….

Definitely not Bassing weather or tide so I opted for the obvious choice, WRASSE MISCHIEF….

I had a cunning plan in the form of some left over King Rag just in case things got desperate!

It’s fair to say it did get desperate after going through several favourite lures and Z man shrimp options rigged Texas style so inevitably my mind mind was on the Ragworm plan b.

This wee Corkwing was the first fish of 20 to be tempted on the Ragworm baited jig head

This chunk came out next and gave me 4 or 5 deep runs before switching off its turbo and giving up

The colours on these fish are just baffling!, it’s a bit like top trumps or colectors cards, trying to get that extra special colour pattern on your phones Wrasse album..

A nice desert Camo lump that battled all the way, you’ve almost got to lock up the drag and give no or little line which goes against the grain a bit with my usual style of light fishing

These battlers are great fun on the HTO Rockfish 2 ML which is a 7g-28g rod perfect for my needs and sensitive enough to feel the shy bites of the odd mini

Lure Wrasse fishing is very addictive when you’ve  learnt the little things that can and will make all the difference, I absolutely love catching Wrasse on lures but on this occasion the sneaky bag of Rag did the business for me

I did however work the jig as normal, it was rarely static so effectively a lure I guess…

A cracking couple of hours catching these beauties in stunning surroundings.

Thanks for looking

Paul Bassman Gordon <>:(((((><

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