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Welcome to Fishing Guides Devon

My name is Paul (Bassman) Gordon, I have been Bass fishing for over 30 years and have a good understanding and knowledge of our spiky friends.

I have been fishing my local estuaries and beaches for long enough to know a thing or two about catching those silver bars, i have also been fortunate enough to have had 5 doubles two from a boat and 3 from the shore with an 11lb 8oz shore caught beauty pictured below caught on a 20g-50g Lure rod 💥

It’s all about catch and release these days and due to the current restrictions in  force , you must return all Bass for the first six months of the year, but after July 1st you may if you wish take home one Bass per day, per angler.


I help others achieve Bass fishing success through one to one guiding and buddying plus my media work on my facebook page called Bassmans Bounty and Plymouth conger club also my you tube channel here with over a hundred videos so please subscribe 🙏


I am now well established as a  presenter/filmmaker and have a  following for making Quirky exciting fishing videos that inspire you and make you want to pick up a rod and go fishing!

I have my own presenting style and it’s fair to say I get a bit carried away on camera, it’s just how fishing makes me feel I guess!

I am sponsored by Tronixpro and brand ambassador which means I get to test and promote their latest tackle finery which is great fun and a real privilege to have their continued support

FIND ME HERE… http://www.tronixfishing.com/partners/paul-bassman-gordon/


I’m delighted to have  good friend Mr Martin Larkin involved as my long time Mentor, a total fishing fanatic with over 40 years experience.

Martin is the current UK shore Conger record holder, a record which has stood for nearly three decades and he is nationally renowned as one of the best Mullet anglers in the country,

Martin has an unrivalled understanding of fishing in general and has mentored/buddied me for over 20 years on the Mullet and more recently the Congers..

All of my attention is focused on you and your session be it a one to one guided session I don’t fish or a cheaper Buddied option where I fish with you and for you, extra chances of fish!

There are no guarantees in fishing but I am confident that you will learn new lighter ways to fish using the latest fishing rods, methods and tips that will give you the edge next time you go fishing, from basic watercraft to rig choice and bait/Lure presentation not to mention a new mark that comes with it

So if you’re thinking of a fishing trip in South West  Devon,  drop me a line at


please specify your target species and dates when emailing, I cannot guarantee the weather on your session but I can guarantee it might rain so bring wet weather gear just in case ☔️

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8 thoughts on “About Fishing Guides Devon…i

  1. Hi Paul, thanks for your advice today at Sea view about the unabomber, I think I will get Andy to order me a 4.5 unabomber. Cant actually see where to subscribe

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  2. Lo sai che mi sembra di leggere Tia, in questo momento?Hai ragione, solo che a differenza di Tia mi muovo anche e soprattutto fuori dalla rete internet, vado ai convegni, conosco le persone e aprsifondopco un pochino di più…:-)))

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