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This was a mission I simply had to get involved with!

After a lousy year’s fishing and continual bad luck Stuart Lawley and his young lad Jaxson where pretty despondent and fed up with poor results. This year hasn’t been great for a lot of fellow anglers to be fair so knowing Stuart’s plight I stepped in and offered them both a trip to show the duo an easy safe mark to fish where they could get a steady stream of school Bass and possibly a monster!


Bassman’s Bounty stinger rig, a running ledger with a 3/0 hook and size 1 Iseama pennel hook Simple fishing with light gear and worm for bait. Get the kids catching and they will get hooked on fishing for life ☝️

Here’s Jaxon with his first ever flounder ?

Jaxon was soon into a school Bass and loving the plucky bite all the way in he simply couldn’t speak after this point super excited and hungry for more..

Jaxon ended up with 6 Bass and a flounder which was a fantastic result for him and now Dad Stuart have a safe place to fish for life !

Well done Jaxon you smashed it ?

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