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So me and wingman Brett Annetts headed out on my hunch of a big Bass. My decision was gratified on the first cast in daylight as I was threading up the second Blaze MX1 the other reel screamed off as my back was turned. I lifted into a big Bass which had several lunging runs before taking me into a snag. A minute later it’s screened off again Rod was folded and then one head shake it came off the hook GUTTED but enthused that there was decent fish there.

20 minutes later and now into darkness I had a couple of enquiries and then it stopped, a couple of minutes later the rod bounced a couple of times and then nothing. I thought it was time to check my crab bait after having a few bites and broke out the grip weight and started winding and the rod immjediatekly folded the screamed off! I got the fish in close but struggled to keep it up the beach with a lot of weed on the line and surf not helping. I screamed at Bret to get down and grab the fish because I just couldn’t pull it in with all the weed so he ran down and grabbed it before the next wave ran back passing me a nice 5 pound silver bar ?

With that happening so quick Brett went to check his rods and his main line was slack to the sand and picking up all the weed on the for shore noooo, I felt really guilty as he was helping me, so he wound it his very heavy line but got stuck at the shore line only to snap his main line nooo? Brett was screaming bad words at this point. I just looked down the beach at where it all went wrong and to mine and wingman’s amazement there was a big Bass just laying on the seaweed with its big gob opening and closing not moving QUICK GRAB IT I shouted ? he ran down and wrestled it up the beach BRILLIANT ?

The hook was bent out and came out easily!

A 7lb Bass for Brett he was jumping up and down couldn’t believe what had happened and me neither. ?

A bit of a shame the big Bass didn’t give a good account of itself covered in weed but a nice silver bar all the same. Brett’s fish was released and my big schoolie came home for a catch and cook feature which was filmed last night ?‍??

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