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Gilt-Head Bream Tips with Martin Larkin

Seen as most anglers don’t have any local marks to fish I thought I would just give them something to try when everyone can get out in near future.

By then I reckon the gilthead bream will be returning spawned out but are such a great fish to target when spring turns up and water is gin clear. Here’s a few tips to catch them find a silent river or i.e. not to much boat activity as i’ve discovered they are sight and sound feeders.

Top baits are lug worm rag worm crab mussels .My favorite time to target them is on a full moon building I have no idea why this is best time yet most if not all my biggest fish have fallen on full moon building.

My top bait for big gilts is most definitely crab but worm will get you lots of gilts but sometimes hard to pick out big fish. So I tend to stick to crab even if it means a blank trip for me as have had as many 11 gilts in one tide but nothing bigger than 3.8 yet nxt day just used crab one take 6lb 9oz gold bar so if you’re just happy to catch no matter size I recommend using worm. I use light leads 1 to 3 oz and a running rig i.e running ledger or running paternoster. Which I move now again just like you would fishing for flounders. In fact, I’ve picked my rod up moved it a couple of yards and rod has slammed over on many occasions. There are other baits which i know work i.e. razorfish prawns scallops winkles and many more. My PB was caught on whole live mussels shell as well.

I’m fascinated by these stunning fighting fish and in the last 5 years, I’ve learnt so much about them and will continue to discover more. One more tip early morning is very good and on full moon night time can bring you great results my best 6.7lbs was at 2.o.clock in the morning. Could write much more but hope this gives you an idea to target the hard fighting giltheads in near future. Stay safe and only fish if you can in your local area.

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3 thoughts on “Gilt-Head Bream Tips with Martin Larkin”

  1. Interesting article, you clearly are an expert, very keen to catch one of these creatures. Do they venture as far as the Solent creeks? If so how would you recommend finding viable marks if there are no known ones to target? How would I get started and is there a common theme with regard to tide? Do they come in on the flood and turn round at high water for example? Many thanks

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