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Using XXL Pop Up Rigs

I have been experimenting with different size pop up rigs over the last couple of years with some great success, I have now launched my very own rig brand called Bassmans Bounty rigs

I have over a dozen various rigs on offer including conger/Huss rigs but this XXL pop up is my personal favourite.

I initially designed this big pop up for suspending whole squid or Mackerel flappers for big Bass but through the design and testing period it’s fair to say the Conger literally rise to the challenge of a suspended big bait! The main reason for making this particular rig was to stop the crabs from being able to consume the bait and present the chosen bait as natural as possible.

The action of a dead bait popped up in the tide looks so realistic it’s a real winner, furthermore this rig can be used as a deadly live bait rig suspending and tethered live bait above the bottom in the predator zone. I’m very proud of the final design which incorporates three Fladen 25mm foam pop ups, one Tronixpro Fluro green 15mm pop up and a couple of Fishzone lumi dot 12mm floating beads topped off with two size 6/0 O’shaughnessy faultless hooks for perfect bait presentation. Also supplied in the packet is a zip slider and a bead.

This rig will work day or night and is ideal for estuary work or clean to mixed ground, I would be reluctant to throw it into snaggy rough ground for obvious reasons.

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Here’s the video of the captured Eel and sexy release ☝️

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