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Wrasse Tips Bait & Lure

Pick a deep gulley, drop down your weedless lure of choice depending on water clarity, twitch the lure on the bottom(Vertical twitch)or cast up the gulley, let the lure hit bottom and wind very slowly giving the lure a twitch now and again then stopping for a couple of seconds before retrieving, work the lure on the bottom, any small paddle tail will do the job, Wrasse are territorial and very aggressive.

Shrimp patterns like Z MAN’S  fished Texas style which is a small cone weight inline sitting on top of the lure.

Frozen Whole prawns are irresistible to Wrasse, present  them on a jig head, Texas rig or under a float for instant results!

Ragworm, presented on a jighead or under a float will catch a lot of Wrasse right under your feet…

Hardback crabs are widely regarded as the killer bait for specimen Wrasse fish at distance over reefs or under a float using circle hooks and some bait elastic ✔️

Here’s a video demonstrating the twitch! ?