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The Wishbone Rig for Mullet

This Wishbone rig is used in shallow water spots were mullet are very spooky, it gives you two chances of a take so you don’t recast to often.

Trebles are used in certain situations/conditions

occasionally the second hook does go into the fish but we use micro barbed hooks so as not to damage the fish.

A weight can be added to the rig by using a small swivel link clip behind the rig onto the mainline,

if  we are fishing in slow currents or no current, we tend to free line the rig or use a little lead putty around the 3 way swivel if  tidal or river flow increases, it’s all about minimum resistance!

This rig isn’t new in fishing but adapted in this way is deadly for Mullet, remember you have 2 baits so leave your rig out there until the bites fizzle out…

Using single hooks means you can create more slender offerings bread wise, that seem to out-fish treble hooks in most situations.

I guarantee your hook up rate will improve using this clever little rig, try it for a month and see for yourself..

Thanks for looking ?

Paul (Bassman) Gordon & Martin (Larks) Larkin