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Lure Rod vs 22 Pound Conger

I’m always banging on about using the correct gear for the job when it comes to general shore Conger fishing, and that holds true. Many shore marks are ruined by those who have targeted such species with insufficient gear and filled the seabed with line snags. While that is frustrating to the anglers who follow, it’s also counter productive to pursue a species and use gear uncap ale of landing the bigger specimens of that target you may encounter – which can run very big with conger locally in the Plymouth area.

However, I have always had it in the back of my mind that I would love a bit of a challenge, so what better place to give it a go than on a river boat trip up the Tamar on Crusader Charters.

Please note that here’s no way I would attempt this stunt from the shore, because it just wouldn’t work, but with the luxury of being straight above the target on a boat things are a lot easier which got me thinking… what if I attempted to land a 20 plus eel on a light sabre!

The only slipping point in my mind would be actually getting an angry conger up off the bottom. Once I could get a fish moving up through the water columns then the set up would be fair game, but we all know how even a strap can feel like trying to pull the plug if it gets it tail into the merest crack of a rock.

I don’t intend to talk any more of the experience, because it’s all right here in video form, so please enjoy this as a bit of light entertainment on my latest mission using a mere wafer thin HTO Rockfish ML 7-27g rated light lure rod. Please don’t consider it as a ‘how to’. You could just as easily hook a 50lb eel in this river and you’re going to be absolutely gutted if you don’t land it, so I’d still encourage to go properly geared.

Here’s what happened on an absolutely Baltic night up the river. I was very nervous about potentially snapping a sponsors rod on camera but hey, who dares GRINS! I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did fishing friends! It may sometimes seem otherwise on camera, but I’m a serious angler who doesn’t take himself to seriously! Completely addicted to the sport, but for me fishing has to be fun too, and this was certainly that!

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