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Fenix HP25R Headlight

I have been given this headlight by FENIX to review so here’s my first impressions.

I decided to take it out on the Bass up a local estuary and was surprised just how usable it was. I’m not a fan of using bright lights other than for filming purposes or walking back from fishing in the dark so, I was delighted with the different light settings. This picture was taken on the medium setting plenty bright enough.

I’ve been a Lenser fan up until now but this easy to use multi-multi functional twin light from Fenix is a game changer for me.

The best feature on the light is a small red light which just gives off enough light to bait up when I’m fishing into darkness. Mullet fishing close quarters or wading out in my favourite river mouth trotting a worm 20feet away for a Bass then being able to use the red light function to bait up in the swim without spooking the fish close to me or having to wade in to bait up or unhook a fish.

The various main and spot light options are useful and brightness wise it’s hellish bright!?

It won’t run out on you in a hurry as it has the facility to drop back to the next lowest light setting when the battery is running low.

Here’s a relaxed clip of me showing off the red light function and bumping into Alan Partridge on my way back from stalking Mullet into darkness.

Thanks for looking ?

Paul Bassman Gordon ?

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