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Crusader Charters Conger Special

Out on Plymouth Crusader charters with skipper Kev Lavis entertaining 2 very special guests my oldest friend Matthew Smith and his son Hughie on there first go on the Congers!

I have schooled Hughie on the Bass Mullet and Carp from a young age and promised him some action on the boat.

This was a huge challenge editing this feature length winter Tamar special and I wouldn’t of done it without the great content captured by Matt Hughie and skipper Kev Lavis who all did a sterling job, we had a couple of disasters firstly hughies decent Eel wriggling backwards out of the hole in the back of the boat with a trace still in its mouth which was a school boy error he never anticipated the weight of the fish and held onto the braided mainline instead of the 250lb trace then the filming of my first Naga bending clip when Kev stopped filming by accident, Kev was really upset and beating himself up over the error but I said don’t worry it happens and let’s have another go, luckily he totally redeemed himself doing a fantastic job presenting and filming me on the second mid 30 Eel.

I would like to thank Kevin and boat owner Ricky Matthew’s for going the extra mile and finally getting some great footage of my red rods bent in!

Great hospitality on this boat very knowledgeable skippers and highly recommended for anyone wanting to experience Conger fishing.

Finally a big thank you to Tronixpro for their continued support and for hooking me up with the best Eagle Claw hooks for the mission TK15 wide loads 7/0, these hooks are widely available now through various outlets and I’m thrilled to be affiliated with Eagle Claw Europe!

Beach casters on a boat now there’s something you don’t see often?

This video is not staged or rehearsed I am not an actor it’s all off the cuff done in one take with real raw emotions, I do get excited and a bit carried away that’s genuinely how fishing makes me feel and when it all kicks off I’m buzzing?

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