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Multi Species Guiding Prices 2024

Option 1

bass, Wrasse, Conger, Huss, Mullet, Ray,Plaice, Bream 4 hours guided session one on one I do not fish but work hard to make sure you have the best chance of catching the target species, this can be quite intense and a busy session with tweaks and tips that really work £120 rods reels rigs and bait included(extra time available @£20 per hour) note mullet session is discounted @£110 due to distance travelled(the river Plym) and cheaper bait.

Option 2

Bass, Wrasse, Conger, Huss or Bream 6 hour session as above £160! Fish a whole tide bait included, lure rod/reel and lures included

Group discount here ?

2 person £195 four hour session, £235 six hour session I do not fish but work hard to make sure youboth have the best overall experience and chance of success, non experienced anglers welcome, you will undoubtedly gain the confidence to go it alone in the future, everything supplied!

Option 3

Bespoke Two day fishing experience! Have it you’re way..

Two four or six hour sessions targetting one or more species over two days i.e Bass one day Mullet the next or back to back whatever you want sessions! P.O.A

New for 2024 Regular returning client discount

Book any four or six hour session in 2023 and get 10% off you’re next booking!

New for 2024 Excxlusive Regular Members rates

Book four guided sessions over a 12 month period of you’re choosing to get 20% discount off each session

Multi venue if needed!, target Bass, 35 years experience and local knowledge on stunning South Devon beaches/Estuaries bait or lure. I often mix things up sometimes starting the session on lures then switching to bait fishing on the favoured part of the tide, this has undoubtedly livened up summer/autumn sessions and accounted for many school Bass especially first light dawn raids!

Archies first Gilthead Bream sessions available on request!


Bass & Wrasse open coast 4-6 hour sessions

Target hard fighting Ballan Wrasse on lure & bait then switch over to lure fishing for Bass on soft plastics and top water surface lures in the same areas this is an evening session rock hopping, FYI a reasonable level of fitness is required for this option. All the gear included and bait is extra charge. One person 4 hours £100, one person 6 hours £140, two persons 4 hours discount £160, 6 hours £200

Conger options available October-March

4 hour session including bait and equipment £120

6 hour session including bait and equipment £150


Steve’s P.B 19lb Conger
Chris with a PB Conger!

Experience Power like no other Uk Fish!, extreme fishing right here in south west Devon, target the awesome Conger Eel using heavy duty equipment and big baits at one of 4 renowned big fish hot spots depending on conditions, which are safe easily accessible marks around Plymouth, the adrenaline levels are through the roof when these snakes hit, not for the faint hearted, this is HARD CORE FISHING…


MULLET MADNESS 4 hours of fun chasing the grey ghosts at one of my marks depending on tides and weather conditions. These sessions are available through summer and autumn generally fishing the spring tides using bread flake on ultra light rigs. Note this is a good opportunity to learn a new skill something new and very exciting at times! Mullet fishing is challenging and very addictive when the bite is on.. Because of the nature of Mullet fishing there is no guarantee of success even when i go fishing so i’ve switched things up a bit and started fishing along side clients on this option one rod each to great effect meaning more hook ups for you, if my rod slams over it’s yours!


THE WRASSE 4 Hours =)(lures or bait), choose either Lure, bait or both and target hard fighting big Ballan Wrasse right under your feet at a stunning locations in South West Devon using the latest soft plastics or my guaranteed bait option, you need to have a reasonable level of fitness for this option as nearly all the rock marks have an uphill climb afterwards!

Weather on the day plays a massive part to success or failure and is in the lap of the fishing Gods, Consequently i have on the odd occasion had to cancel a trip on the day due to extreme weather conditions, In the very unlikely event of cancelation my end I can not be held responsible for your travel or accommodation etc. Safety is paramount especially on the coast. I will however Always re book and honour the original booking asap.

You really need a positive mental attitude when fishing and a belief that you are going to catch!


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