Tronixpro Cobra Light review..

I’ve had this new addition for a while now and got used to it very quickly, this new ultra light continental from Tronixpro will be on everyone’s want list this year!

Do not be fooled by its light rating, the Cobra light is a powerful tool with lightning reflexes!, in fact I’ve had the rod bent double on a half decent SMOOTHHOUND!

the blank coped with ease up until 10 yards out when the fish used the swell to its advantage, the rod was under immense pressure but not completely on the limit which surprised the hell out of me hanging on for dear life!

When I first test drove this model, i managed to compress the blank nicely with a 4oz gripper and sandeel clipped down with a basic overhead cast, I achieved 135 turns of the handle back in on a Shimano Baitrunner 6000 GTE!, arm ache retrieving on an old school reel, also due to the fact that the upper blank has a sexy white pearlescent finish, I was able to see the rod compress in the dark with my headlight on, this in its self gave me a better understanding of the mechanics of the rod.

Flounder fanatics will need this rod in their lives, the bite detection on tip section is ridiculously good!, a Crab bite is registered instantly, meaning you can avoid waisted time fishing with bare hooks, especially when using light braided lines

Glow in the dark tip 
Perfect for light estuary work in my opinion, I was waiting for this model to come out for almost a year, I didn’t invest in its predecessor the Cobra GT because it didn’t suit my style of fishing at that time.

This Bull Huss came in with a big dogfish on the pennel hook!, that’s some weight wriggling around in the surf for an ultra light conti!

I had Bass in mind for this lean mean  Cobra light and again the bite detection and the fact that you can hold the rod under your arm when retrieving is a bonus for my bad back!😁

It’s worth noting that that the rod comes with a price tag due to the high end components used, not to mention the neoprene semi rigid case it comes in, I was happy to buy into this slender snake and its one of my favourite continental rods to date..

A great light clean beach rod for Plaice/sole/Dab/Bass/Flounder/Bream

Here is a mad night on the beach chasing smooth hound on the Cobra light 👍

Gilthead Bream next on the species list 💥

I highly recommend this light continental, I paid top rrp at the time over £300 and was delighted with it, the tip is insanely thin but don’t be fooled it’s a powerful blank capable of punching way above its weight yet so responsive and user friendly, the rod is now available for £199 💥




Thanks for looking

Paul Bassman Gordon👍😎

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