Downtide Boat Rig (5 Rig Pack)


5 x Down Tide Boat Rigs (5 Rig Pack) £11.50 including delivery/postage


5 x Downtide Boat Rigs 4/0 £11.50 including postage/delivery

Inspired and designed by Kevin Lavis of Crusader charters a simple downtide rig comprising of a long length of 80lb Sakuma rubbing leader incorporating a small zip slider boom joined to another long hook length of 100lb mono with a Koike 4/0 wide gape premium hook. Ideal for most species

What you get in the pack-

A ready to go rig simply attach the rig swivel to you’re mainline and clip you’re weight onto the red zip slider boom and you are ready to go.

Buy two 5 rig packs get one free rig:)


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