Pop up Rig Light x 5

This rig never ceases to amaze me, not a new concept but a much improved and streamlined version compared to the old school crab floats we used decades ago which where a bit hit and miss

I know that no matter how many crabs there are per square metre, this rig will still be fishing!

Pop up light £2.50

Believe it or not, I caught this 11 pound 8oz fish of a lifetime on this experimental rig in less than half a metre of water at night on low water in an estuary mouth

I’m convinced that these pops act like a lure at night silhouetted in the surface layers and making the bait look elongated and irresistible

This rig is designed to pop up a single worm bait, Prawn or a small figsh strip, always check the buoyancy of the rig in the shallows before casting out and do not be afraid to experiment with different hook lengths. This anti crab rig is perfect for Estuary or clean beach fishing please refrain from throwing the rig into rocky areas for environmental reasons.

What you get in the pack-

15lb Asso hook length

A selection of floating beads including two Lumi beads with stop knot

2/0 Aberdeen hook

Zip slider boom supplied

Lumi bead


1. Slide the red zip slider boom up you’re mainline.

2. Slide the lumi bead up next to the red boom.

3. Attach the hook length to you’re mainline.

4. Add you’re chosen bait and you’re ready to go fishing!

FYI you are buying 5 pop up rigs £13.75 including postage