Absolutely delighted to announce the opening of my new tackle bait and guiding centre opening 16th June in Plymouth’s Pannier market.

Welcome one and all to Plymouth’s new fishing stall in the Pannier market city centre. Here you will find a modest selection of well priced fishing tackle and top quality fresh and frozen bait most of which is sourced direct from plymouth trawler agents then packed blast frozen and labelled ready to go under my new brand Bassmans Bounty Baits ☝️


I’m Absolutely thrilled to announce the opening of Fishing Guides Devon guiding centre which will run along side the tackle and bait business. Here you can book a guided shore fishing session multi species options targeting either Bass, Wrasse, Conger, Mullet and the highly revered Gilt Head Bream. There are two different options when booking, either one on one guiding only you are fishing quite intense and in depth guiding or a cheaper more relaxed option of being buddied (both fishing) and ultimately more chances of fish because I will be fishing with you and for you, 4 rods are better than two and you will take control of whichever rod screams off 👍

Sessions will usually be a minimum of four hours but this is negotiable and tailored to your request when booking with more time available on the day for an extra hourly flat rate. There are no guarantees in fishing but you will undoubtedly learn how when are where to target fish for your future sessions.

There will also be a small directory of charter boats available to book within the guiding centre if you fancy a day afloat or a half day out on the wrecks or maybe a 5 hour river Tamar trip targeting the mighty Conger Eel/Bass and Cod in the winter months.

The charter boats are in crisis after recent events and need all the support they can get so pop in to the guiding centre and get hooked up and booked up!