Client stock 2018…

It’s fair to say we have invested in new rods and reels for this years guiding season.

Being sponsored by the ever expanding and forward thinking company Tronixpro, we have invested in their new products and their partners products HTO, Vercelli and Yuki.
Our rods:
4 HTO Rockfish 2 ML’s for Wrasse, Bass and Pollock lure fishing

1 HTO Shore game ML for Bass, Wrasse and Pollock lure fishing

1 Rockfish 73″ LRF 1-9g rod

1 Rovex plugging rod for rough weather Bass, Pollock fishing

1 HTO Lure Game rod for rough weather Bass lure fishing


4 HTO Rockfish 2 lure reels

1 Yuki Saltwater lure reel

1 Shimano Exage lure reel

Pair of Naga MX 6-8oz

1 Tronixpro Cobra light GT 100-150g continental rod for Bass, Plaice, Bream and light beach fishing

1 new Tronixpro Injection GT 100g-200g Continental rod for general clean beach Bass fishing

1 New Tronixpro Blastron TT 200g -300g Continental rod for clean to mixed ground Bass/Huss/Ray

1 Tronixpro Viper GT 100-175g continental rod for Bass beach fishing

1 Vercelli Taktika 100-200g continental rod for Bass, Plaice and clean beach Ray  fishing

1 Vercelli Besta T 200-300g continental rod for heavy beach/rock fishing for Ray, Huss and Bass fishing, fish pictures coming soon…

4 light Bass rods for light beach/Estuary fishing

1 Greys Jupiter old school heavy ground rod for Ray, Huss, Conger and Bass


Diawa Saltist

1 Tronixpro Virtuoso ST 14000

1 Shimano Ultegra C14+ 14000

3 Shimano GTE Baitrunners 6000-8000

Various multi reels slosh 30/20″s