Bassman’s year end report..

Well what an eventful year with so many new adventures, it’s been a year of firsts for me!

Having been completely Bass blinkered for decades it was time for a change and I felt the urge to broaden my horizons and mix it up a bit.

Having gone out with a bang last December with the 11.8 shore caught PB Bass,

a very important fish for me personally, I knew that it was time to get back into the fishing seasonal circuit that I had turned my back on for twenty years or more.
The new restrictions really affected my urge to go Bass fishing and in January the inevitable happened when I was on fire one night down my local beach and fish number 14 came in deep hooked, the fish was 53cm and I did my best for her but she wouldn’t go back, and I couldn’t even take her home for the table so had to leave the fish on the beach!, BLOODY RIDICULOUS!!!

I was Invited by my sponsors Tronixpro to their trade show and generously given a Viper 4.5mtr GT 

and a pre release Virtuoso ST fixed spool reel to go and test which now gave me a means to hit the open beaches.

The plaice where biting up at Beesands and it wasn’t long before I was into them, nothing huge 1lb 12oz the biggest but great fun on the new stick.

Next was the Smoothhound adventure up at Seatown beach which was another first landing a Starry eyed hound of 9lb 2oz which dragged me and the Viper along the beach and was filmed by a Dutch fisherman who I enlisted spur of the moment.

I turned my back on the bait for a while and hit the lures targeting Hard fighting Wrasse Bass & Pollock!,

 I had a great re-introduction by Danny Parkins and Ryan Donohue who soon got me up to speed and pulling out the bigger fish,

fishing with different lures retrieved in various ways over areas that scream FISH along our beautiful coastline,

Lure fishing is highly addictive and a very exciting sport especially when guiding others, the thrill of being on the edge mixed with the anticipation of luring a fish on extremely light gear is simply awesome for me and my clients!

As well as the above I had a lot of fun on my local Carp fishing lake which I enjoy annually,

My tactics are as basic as it gets!, a light feeder rod, 6 pound line, a bubble float and a hook, surface fishing for me is the ultimate way to catch hard fighting Carp using only a piece of bread for bait,

Imagine catching a near 15 pound Carp on a 1-9g LRF lure rod?, 

HTO offered up their ultra light Rockfish 73 and I just had to see how this tiny stick would handle!

Another HTO rod tested and definitely approved is the Rockfish 2 ML, I’ve had most of my lure caught Bass on this stick rated 7-28g, I love this rod for its forgiving action and price tag, it’s great for the Wrasse too.

Had a few cheeky Mullet also, bite indication in insane on this little gem…

I have to admit to spending a little to much time rock hopping for these camouflaged brutes 

They go like stink on light gear and are right under your feet!

My annual summer holiday was in Corfu and the Rockish 2 was put to good use on the mini species using tiny jig-heads loaded with Isome worm

This Giant Goby was caught in the corner of a small harbour 

This bucket mouthed devil I found out afterwards was poisonous, probably not a good idea to handle it!

Back on the bait into Autumn and another first with this magnificent looking Red Mullet which actually pulled like hell!

I had a reasonable year on the Bass considering everything else that was going on 

 and in between all this new stuff I still managed to go comfort zone fishing and get my fix!

Another surprise whilst Trying for a Ray up the Salcombe estuary was this specimen Dab of 1lb 3oz another first!

Just to end the year on a high note this beauty was wrestled in on the Viper GT and was tricky to land in dangerous conditions but at just under 6 pound was definitely a thrill ride!

Fishing is my way of life, my passion and now a business with the beginnings of Fishing Guides Devon, a bespoke guiding service with sub guides available for different disciplines including bait fishing, lure fishing and LRF fishing around our beautiful South West coastline.

I’ve personally had numerous success stories with clients all catching fish and just as importantly learning new methods of the lighter side of  fishing…

I have bookings for 2017 and our team of passionate guides look forward to the year ahead.
I would like to thank Tronixpro/HTO for there sponsorship and invaluable support and also for believing in me, also Seaview Angling Plymouth for all their support throughout the year, and to Brett Annette’s for buddying me on my first few guiding sessions making sure nothing was left to chance and giving my clients even better odds of a great guided session.

Finally a massive thank-you to good friend and mentor Martin Larkin for taking me under his wing again 20 years on and getting me up to speed on the open coast side of fishing, 

we have some great features coming in the new year plus special offers and LRF introduction packages as well as bait & lure deals.

Thanks for looking 👍
Bassman. 😎