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Welcome to my world, this is the lighter side of me having fun with the misses on a packed beach full of confused oap’s out of  camera shot!, this is what happens when I drink too many energy drinks!!!!!  :))

All joking aside here’s my take on the art of Mackerel bashing!

Filmed on Slapton beach in South West Devon.

So I find a child’s rod in the mud abandoned in the middle of a creek, the reel was a right off but the rod I had to rescue!

The dream was a decent Bass on it, here’s what happened…. :))

Bass on the rocks…

Smoothy wet 2 shoes….πŸ“½

Bass from 40ft above….πŸ“½

Mackerel mayhem….πŸ“½

Tronixpro Viper GT vs 9lb Smoothhound

Bass in that sunken tree again…πŸ“½

PB Bass video report ….πŸ“½

Horse dog….πŸ“½

Mullet off the top….πŸ“½

Slapton Bass….πŸ“½

Bass first cast….πŸ“½

Having a L#RF in Greece….πŸ“½

Bigbury Bass 1, 2, 3….πŸ“½

Shore Squid fishing part 1…..πŸ“½

Oh my Cod….πŸ“½

Barbless Bass fishing

Bassmans chill out session

Bassmans Barbican Bonanza

Mullet fishing 5 pounder

New Year’s Day 2015