Bassman’s Diary… Bass at Bigbury 

Out last night on the Bass for the first time in what seems like ages!

I was down at my favourite Mark Bigbury beach, the views are always stunning and you feel really privileged just being there

The Bass started biting just before dusk which is always a good sign on this Beach!

I wanted to get the new Trinixpro Viper GT 4.5m out in the surf to see how the blank handled

The tip is really sensitive and dipped up and down steadily  which I like, bait was Lug and Peeler

Loving using the combination of Tronixpro pop up glow beads and the new Bone Bass sinking glow sticks(that incidentally look nothing like glow sticks)

The session started slowly until I made the realisation that the  channel had moved way over on the Bantham beach side thus meaning I was fishing in a big puddle..

I soon got to grips with the extra distance required and ended up with a dozen or so undersized Bass to keep me busy

The Viper danced as the bites hit hard in the run off ebbing tide and the rod was well up for the job

It was nice to get back into my comfort zone and notch up a dozen schoolies or so, the big girls are around but my peeler baits where untouched on this occasion, all fish caught on Lug worm.

God I love this place and have done for 3 decades now, the Viper coped with ease, I’ll be back here soon…

All fish returned, as required by law!

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