Bassman’s Diary.. Wrasse on lures

SO, me and fishing pals Danny Wrasseman Parkins and Lure nut Ryan Donohue headed out to the open coast South West Devon in an effort to loose my Lure Wrasse virginity!

I’ve caught plenty under a float before and also by accident when Bass fishing in reef areas but never tried them on lures, 

The walk down to the various marks is stunning and we soon found ourselves on one of Danny’s spots and started fishing

The tide was flooding and we had missed prime time, conditions where almost perfect with little or no ground swell and the clarity was excellent, Danny nailed a few fish in quick succession to my amazement!

Ryan was not far behind though after moving away on his own and after and a tweak or 2, he was into fish.

Danny was great and sorted out my retrieve and got my confidence up a bit, the method is a series of 3 upward twitches with pauses in-between, then wind down the slack and repeat, I had my first few plucks on my Z Man’s and then a few chucks later had a full on smash n grab take which immediately let go, the next take was more progressive and the fish was on for 2 seconds before letting go again!

I was loosing the light and hope of catching when the mountain Gazzelle Ryan came back and said right Lets get you a bloody fish follow me, all 3 of us ended up at Ryan’s spot and Danny was straight into a nice fish which matched his Camo shoulder bag!

Ryan was the difference maker and switched up my rig from Texas style to jighead with much smaller hooks, here you go Bassman, a Spro lure to match your hoody, guaranteed first chuck, he wasn’t wrong!

I got hit hard and the first run was amazing, the fish went ballistic and I had to react quickly to keep up with the fish, now grinning from ear to ear as per usual, on light set up these things go like stink!, if you don’t play them hard enough they take you down and jam you in the bottom, Ryan filmed me landing the Camo warrior, quick vid/pic and back in the drink, absolutely buzzing, Lure Wrasse virgin no more!

The pressure was off and we where all catching fish after fish and loving it, we managed 30 odd fish out in the short session, no giants but a nice run of fish each one more stunning than the last, the show offs caught a dozen or more each and I had half a dozen after a frustrating start, 

It was Nice to be guided and coached for a change, I’ve promised them a night session on the Bass with  bait and Lures  in return , Ryan is one of our Guides and this is definitely his department, he is very professional with his approach, confident  and he knows when to switch things up!, couldn’t of asked for better company and local knowledge, cheers Danny, cheers Ryan!