Smooth Hound fun

So here’s the tail…

I was back for a revenge solo mission on the hunt for my first Smoothhound,  armed with my trusty  Tronixpro Viper GT teamed with a pre release Tronixpro Virtuoso ST fixed spool reel and my beloved old Greys Jupiter teamed with a Slosh 20.

I had felt previously that my pulley rigs where to long  plus I wasn’t confident  with the hooks used previously so went back to my favourite hook, a 3/0 Kamasan uptide with the new Tronixpro 1/0 big dog hook for the short Pennel hook length.

The Bait choice has to be live peelers for the best chance of a big Smoothy although frozen peeler will also work.

I fished hard up the last of the flood and over the top of the tide without a bite and felt my chance may come just as the tide was ebbing.

I had set up my phone on a tripod behind me and felt it was time to start filming just in case, then just 9 minutes later and BOOM!, the Tronixpro Virtuoso ST fixed spool reel screamed off and the Viper GT bent into a decent fish.

There was only one guy on the beach so I shouted COME HERE!, the obliging gentleman from Holland came over, I asked are you any good at filming to which he replies sorry no.

I asked again and said look behind you, there’s a camera filming, all you have to do is pick it up and point it at me, Chris accepted the challenge and picked up the tripod then started to film me.

In the video you can see me being pulled down the beach at the beginning!

The fished went nuts near the shore and turned to run along the beach, I really like the quick drag on the Virtuoso ST  when you need to react quickly

At the last minute I steered the fish to shore and heaved her in,  the feeling was pure elation mixed with adrenaline, I ordered the poor gentleman to hold the Viper GT and went down the shingle to land the stranded fish

I couldn’t believe the strength of these magnificent creatures out of the water, once she straightened out a few pics where taken and a quick weigh at 9lb 3oz, YEAH BABY!! :))

I couldn’t of got any of this great media without my newest pal Chris from Holland, we shared something special together that day and another fishing first that I will always remember!

Going for a double next…😳

Here’s the link to the video…

Thanks for looking and please Share with your fishing buddies,  if I inspire one person to give it a go then it’s all worth while…


Find the big brother Cobra TTs full specs here

Paul Bassman Gordon