Introducing my very own rig brand incorporating quality branded rig components and minimal packaging, these rigs are tied and tested I use all of these rigs in my general shore fishing throughout the year.

These rigs are available in my tackle shop( Market Tackle and Bait Plymouth Pannier Market PL11PS and mail order details at the bottom of page plus my online eBay shop Bassmans Bounty which launches in October 2020 more payment options coming soon!


Been having great success on this oversized pop up rig recently the best Eel so far 20lb, these rigs will pop up a whole Mackerel flapper or large squid/Cuttlefish, the fish have to rise for the bait ensuring a good clean mouth hook up and it saves £££ on bait because the crabs cannot reach the chosen offering! This is my top big fish rig suitable for Estuary clean beach not advisable for rough ground for obvious reasons

20lb Conger
Kindly sent in by Riley Williams using the Bream rig!
Fluorocarbon Bream Rig

1. Bream rig running paternoster-fluorocarbon hook length Iseama 2/0 hook and a size 1 Iseama stinger hook. simply slide the weight snood length up you’re mainline, add the two beads then attach the Fluorocarbon hook length.

This rig gathers less weed than a traditional-running ledger in an estuary environment when the moss weed is heavy more often than not you’re bait is still fishing.

2. Lumi glow rig-running ledger-simply slide the lumi zip slider up you’re mainline then add the lumi bead finally attach you’re hook link to finish. This rig incorporates a Seaglo ultra lumi soft bead directly behind the main hook and will glow up under you’re headlight or uv torch at night when most other lumi products fade away.

This rig has undoubtedly out fished a standard ledger and has made a big difference to my catch rate over the past year and it even works in bright conditions the sun doing the job of a torch.

Ultra Lumi rig 3/0 £1.50💥

3. Conger rig A length of 200lb trace with an oversized swivel and 8/0 o’shaughnessy strong hook designed as a running ledger rig add you’re own short 6” rotten bottom weight link using 20lb line. There is no finesse in Conger fishing, big fish baits are best my personal favourite being Cuttlefish!

Conger rig 8/0 O’shaughnessy £1.50💥

4. Stinger rig running ledger incorporating a small size 1 stinger Iseama hook behind the main hook- simply slide the zip slider up you’re mainline then a bead-then attach you’re hook length slide the stinger Pennel hook down so it sits just beside you’re worm baits for best results at night. I have used this style of rig for nearly 30 years on my local beaches and estuaries, simple but deadly tweak and worth noting that a higher percentage of Bass are caught on the small stinger hook than the main 3/0 hook and are often lipped hooked making for an easier release!

Stinger caught School Bass
Stinger rig 3/0 £1.50💥

5. Big fish rig running ledger incorporating a 6/0 main hook and a 3/0 iseama stinger pennel hook to assist in bait presentation on bigger baits-simply slide the zip slider up you’re mainline then add the two beads then attach the hook length. This rig is ideal for bigger fish baits using bait elastic to secure you’re chosen baits.

Big fish rig 6/0 £1.50💥

6. Flatfish rig running ledger incorporating lots of bling silver and green luminous beads and a Seaglo ultra lumi bead behind the size 2 Aberdeen hook. Slide the zip slider up you’re mainline then add the bead and finally tie on you’re hook length. This rig is perfect for flounder and Plaice/Dabs a bunch of small harbour Ragworm is deadly, don’t be afraid to give the rig some movement in the form of a tug on the line or a wind on the reel now and again for best results.

Flatty Bling rig £1.50💥

7. Pop up rig running ledger incorporating a selection of different shaped and size floating fluorescent beads and luminous floating beads with a Seaglo ultra lumi bead behind the size 2 Aberdeen hook. This rig is perfect for day fishing and night fishing avoiding the bait robbing crabs! For best results only use 1 small Ragworm or lugworm alternatively a small strip of fish bait.

11lb 8oz Bass caught on light pop up rig

Worth noting I caught my PB Bass of 11lb 8oz on this style of rig in very shallow water, make sure you’re drag is set not to tight.

£2.25 🔥

8. Standard Pulley pennel rig a classic pulley rig with 77lb line for the pulley and 58lb memory free hook length 3/0 Aberdeen main hook and a 3/0 Iseama pennel hook perfect for strong tides deep water marks targeting Rays, Cod, Bass and Whiting.

River Tamar Codling
Standard Pulley Pennel rig £1.50💥

9. Pop up rig Heavy

Running ledger incorporating bigger pop up floats and lumi floating beads designed for popping up bigger fish baits or big worm baits. 80lb Sakuma line plus two 6/0 O’shaughnessy hooks. Slide the zip slider up you’re mainline then add the bead and finally tie on you’re hook length. Designed for big Bass or Cod great for clean beaches or estuaries avoiding nuisance crab activity, make sure you’re drag isn’t set to tight!


10. Huss/Conger Rig incorporating a fixed paternoster with an oversized three way Swivel, 200lb trace with an 8/0 O’shaughnessy main hook and a 6/0 Aberdeen pennel hook. The drop to the weight clip is Asso Steele 24lb rotten bottom. This is a great rig for rough ground open coast marks simply attach the three way swivel to you’re mainline, the hook length/bait can be clipped down onto the weight quick link for casting

Nice Huss on the Rig and Joey Mackerel bait💥
Huss/Conger fixed Paternoster £1.75💥

11 Deluxe Sakuma pulley rigs now in sizes 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 🔥

80lb Sakuma Pulley body and hook length plus two 4/0 Sakuma Manta hooks also features a Breakaway imp quick release weight clip enabling the bait to be firmly clipped down during the cast. Top notch rig perfect for Rays, Cod, Whiting and Bass

Sakuma Pulley Pennel 4/0’s £2.50💥

10. Drop down pulley tied with Maxima Chameleon 80lb main body 8mm and 5mm rubber shock beads 140lb Gemini swivels with a Gemini bent rig clip and Gemini bait clip .The hook length is 80lb maxima Chameleon with two 4/0 kioke hooks perfect for ray fishing or cod fishing .

Drop down Pulley £3.00 each💥

11. Trident tackle pulley rig using Trident aero pulley, roto bait cllip and terminal link all tied to 80lb Maxmima Chameleon with 8mm rubber shock bead and vmc 200lb swivel .(no hook length)

Trident Pulley rig £3.00 each💥

12. up and over hangover rig using Trident tackle hang over clip tied on 50lb Maxima Chameleon line two terms link clips with a roto bait clip breakaway silicone protector. The hook length is tied again with 50lb maxima Chameleon with 2 x sakuma manta 3/0 hooks . A classic up and over rig that unclips ever cast .

Hangover rig £3.00 each💥

13. portsmouth loop rig tied with 80lb maxima Chameleon line main body ,slashdown bait clip to hold bottom hook and a cascade swivel to clip the top hook to. The body has two set springs and 140lb swivels tied up with 25lb amnesia line with red and black beads the hooks are 2/0 sakuma phantom hooks. This is a popular rig for plaice fishing on beaches .

Portsmouth Loop rig £3.25 each💥

14. Bagnel bar rig. This rig was designed by a top match angler and is very popular for plaice or sole fishing.It is made using ss steel wire tied with 90lb sedra swivels and 100lb Gemini swivel the bait clip is a imp and the main line is 25lb amnesia also a cascade swivel with a 2/0 Aberdeen hook .a great stream lined rig for casting at distance.

Bagnel bar rig £3.00💥

NEW 2 Hook flapper rig🔥

Perfect for scratching great rig for Whiting 2/0 hooks, two three way swivels not clipped down and with a weight link

£1.80 each 🔥

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