Age Lundström’s LRF/Light Lure Adventures…

I’m Age, also a bit of a lure enthusiast. Have been fishing for over fifty years and began by chuckin’ out the bait. I’d always had a soft spot for using artificials when out on the wrecks and throwing spinners around for mackerel and garfish from the shore, but in the mid 90s some more advanced lures appeared …. the original soft plastics were mainly sandeel imitations and jelly worm – but they opened my eyes to the possibilities of lure fishing.

A few years ago I discovered LRF and was instantly smitten. Such a convenient and elegant way of fishing, I dived in with both feet (as it were), very quickly began to adapt techniques for use in my local waters and improved my catch rate exponentially! I also found out, very quickly, that big fish can take small lures. This new found knowledge and experience I soon began to apply to other forms of lure fishing and, I suppose I would say that I tend to specialise in LRF, light lure and HRF styles of fishing.

I shall be posting various blog entries that will, hopefully, convey the excitement and fun that can be had fishing these disciplines, and, along with the odd tackle review, I shall be passing on tips and techniques as we go. Don’t expect all my posts to be of glorious sessions and wonderful catches (not that I fail to catch very often) as I, perversely, get more fun from writing about my failures and some of the humorous events that sometimes befall me.

Just remember, if there’s water and cover, there are probably fish present. If there are fish present, they can be caught!
Below are a couple of fish, at each end of the scale, both caught by me on ultra light LRF tackle – just to demonstrate the versatility of the method.

I’ll endeavour to answer any questions you may have (and if I don’t have an answer, I probably know someone who does).

Tight lines – Age