Bassman’s Diary, ultra light Ledgering with the Rockfish 73′ 

I nipped out for a quick early evening flick on my continuing species hunt using my now trusted HTO Rockfish 73′.
This little gem of a rod never ceases to amaze me, at 1-9g rating its definitely not what you would call a bait rod by any means, but I’m a rule breaker, always have been, always will be, so I thought ultra light ledger for a Gilt head Bream maybe…

On went a very short trace and one of the new Big Dog hooks from tronix, a single lugworm was cast out and a few minutes later BOOM!, fish on.

I knew straight away I had hooked a decent Schoolie!

The fight was incredible on the little Rockfish 73, the fish made continued runs for cover and all I could do was hold on!

Eventually the fish was under control and landed much to my relief and obvious joy, 

The Big Dog hook was nicely set in the corner of the mouth and came out easily, after a few pics the fish was returned and swam off back into the murky water, awesome..

I hadn’t intended targeting Bass until the silly ban was lifted on July 1st, oh well…

The next species on the list for the Rockfish 73 is the hard fighting shy biting Mullet!

It won’t be a long wait! 

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